The House of Pataphony is neither a museum, nor a school, nor a training centre, but is above all a space created by Max Vandervorst (a master on the subject of patamusic) and a team of CCRD for freedom and inventiveness, which fosters musical discovery and creation. An invitation to travel through a universe of sounds, of objects of unimagined resonance, to be surprised by assemblages ranging from the simplest to the most ingenious, to create atmospheres of sound and to play music together ... just for the fun of it and especially for fun.
A musical journey in an extraordinary universe, where the object becomes music, where the traveller becomes a composer. An experience from which visitors leave astonished and surprised by their own talents, with an irresistible and crazy desire to make the world resound ...

To sign up for the journey

The House of Pataphony is located at 51 Rue en Rhée, near the Collegiale Church and Dinant Bridge (see plan). The journey into Pataphony is accessible to all persons aged 6 or more, as a family, individually or in school or other groups. Participants must give prior notice of their visit.

Important note: we very much regret that the particular character of this ancient building does not allow access to those of reduced mobility.